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more thoughts on sin

Some experiences I have had led me into the understanding I have of sin. I wasn't trying to rebel against God. But I was hurting, and I found that I received emotional comfort from a friend--and I allowed that to translate into a sexual relationship ... with a female. It went against everything I believed was right, and I could easily despise myself because I allowed myself to get into that. Ok, sometimes I do. I found out that regardless of the other person's gender, a comforting relationship does not have to be sexual and that I still had major problems with anything that was. And I found out just why I disagree with the homosexual lifestyle. I think that is the only reason I can keep from beating myself up over it. It was a learning experience for me, and no matter how horrible I felt I was never outside of God's love. I thought I was much too far away to rebuild any kind of relationship with God, but He thought different and I'm so grateful that He is that much bigger than my self-condemning heart. I was raised in the church. I chose to serve God before I had ever had a chance to understand what it meant to need a Saviour. That's His perfect will: that I be brought up within His love and the knowledge of Him. But I live in a sinful world, and the other part of His will is that I understand His saving grace. ... Some people are good people, but all of us have the ability to fall into temptation and to do things that separate us from God unless we are drawn into an acceptance of the only thing that can keep us from separating ourselves from Him.


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