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notes from Bible Study Fellowship

Each Gospel is a story, a witness to the acts of God. What is my story?

The four Gospels present accounts of people's experiences with Jesus. The Bible doesn't contradict itself. It tells one story, showing the way to life now and forever. The Gospels tell who he is, what he did, and what he will do. They are like portraits painted by different people. Synoptic Gospels are "similar". In John we hear Jesus speak, see him act, and see people respond.

Mark is like a diary for a trip and written for a Roman audience. Luke wrote for the cultured, so we would see Jesus presented as the perfect son of man. John wrote to bring people to faith so that they might have life. Matthew presents Jesus as Messiah, king.

We often read Scripture selfishly. That's not seeking His face. How do I respond to God? Sing, weep, kneel, pray, serve, testify...

Matthew was Jewish and a tax collector, considered a traitor and a thief. He lived in Capernaum, where Jesus was rejected. Matthews' home was the location of a dinner with sinners and tax collectors.

Matthew was familiar with the Old Testament and wanted people to know how Jesus fulfilled prophecy and how to get into the kingdom. He builds a bridge between the OT and NT, presents a biography, and presents the church as one body (JEWS and Greeks).

Matthew focuses on the teaching of Jesus about the kingdom of heaven. The church is the group of people who open their hearts. Jesus would not discriminate, and truth would go to Gentiles when Jews rejected it.

Matthew tells the story of Jesus because his life was changed when he opened his heart to him. Change me from being a something collector to a truth sharer.


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