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prayer of thanksgiving

Here at the end of the day, I find myself marveling over all the things You have taught me through the less-than-desirable experiences I've had. When I was drowning in a pit of loneliness and wondering what I had done that was so wrong to have made me a horrible sinner unworthy of Your love, You showed me that Your grace is not only for the things I've done but also for the tendency to sin in an effort to solve my own problems. Oh, what I could do because of my loneliness! Only Your grace keeps me from stepping out into any activity just to be accepted. Only Your grace gives me the power to forgive when I have been ignored or wounded rather than using cruel words to cause that much pain to the other person! Only Your grace allows me to endure my pain long enough so that You can grant me the gift of mercy and use me to comfort someone else in a time of sorrow. I always said that if my pain allowed me to touch another person's life it was worth experiencing. I am being given a gift. Let me never neglect it.


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