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BSF notes and thoughts about struggles

No matter where light begins, it always points back to the Bible. I might be someone's star in the east.

Have faith instead of grumbling. Thank God in advance for lessons. Finding green pastures and still waters doesn't always mean leaving the valley--they might be within the valley.

Gold may not always refer to money. Heart's treasure is the key word. Does God require a tithe even when I've already sacrificed and needs aren't met?

I'm finding more and more to thank Him for, but I'm having a hard time with the clock thing. Watching the time makes me anxious and distracted. I find that I spend time out of obligation rather than desire. I want to be with God all the time, not just 15 minutes or an hour each day.

I have a hard time seeing what I do as "work". I hear God saying I am right where He wants me, and I feel His hand holding me here. But I feel pressure to get a job like everyone else.

My struggles have taught me to put myself in someone else's shoes, to have empathy, and to respond with compassion. They have also taught me to be aware of different people's perspectives and to respect freedom of choice. In doing this, I have also come to understand how God respects my freedom of choice.

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