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BSF notes

There are three types of anger that are sinful and lead to sinful acts: unjustified, contemptuous, and abusive. Righteous anger is anger at sin or at Satan; it leads to prayer.

Speak how you feel to God. The Holy Spirit will work it through.

Temptation is not sin. When the thought enters my mind, that is temptation. I can choose to dwell on it or to bring it captive to Christ.

Bring negative emotions to God to be cleansed and replaced with His emotions. (Ephesians 4:29-32; 1 John 3:15) Indulging in anger and hatred by choice grieves the Holy Spirit.

My note: The Spirit is a comforter. When I choose to hold on to negative emotions, I quench the Spirit and reject God's gift of comfort.

When tempted with impure thoughts, turn and think pure thoughts. (Philippians 4:8)

Refusing to forgive myself is a rejection of God's forgiveness.

God will bless as He restores the years that the locust has eaten. (Joel 2:25)

Retaliation comes in the form of revenge or a bitter spirit.

Sometimes God waits and tests us to see how much we desire what we ask for. Do I want it enough to search the Scriptures and seek understanding of His promises so that I can stand on them?

There are six reasons not to worry:

  1. God will take care of me.

  2. God feeds the birds, and I am more important than a bird.

  3. Worry doesn't help.

  4. God clothes nature.

  5. To worry is to live like the heathen.

  6. God knows my needs.

To seek God's righteousness, I have to work hard. Don't dishonor Him by murmuring, complaining, etc.

Judging is making a decision about another person's worth. Why do I care about another person's faults? The answer shows whether or not I am judging or teaching and admonishing. Think about myself using the same criteria first.


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