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thoughts from on the road

Jesus died for a world obsessed with power, position, and performance. I heard this on the radio just now.

I've been thinking a lot about commitment. It started when I heard a song by a group called New Song. A few years ago, their lead singer committed suicide. I remember being upset because it tore open those unanswered questions. I guess the ground has been being plowed for this for a long time--since I listened to the song, "Show Me the Way," by Styx. When I heard New Song yesterday, my heart, quick to hold up the standard and question why, burst open with anger and reaffirmed the one thing I know. I am a child of God, called and equipped to be a light to a world that is full of the questions I am asking. And if they see my light, should they believe? I have a responsibility to be consistent, to be holy as he is holy. I can't do this on my own. I can only do it by staying in step with God through His Word living in me, guiding everything I do and speaking comfort to my heart during times of trouble.

Spiritual warfare is designed to interfere with God's plans for my life, and it is designed as carefully as His plans are. I have been living under the illusion that if I do the right things God will protect me and that if He protects me, I will have no difficulties. What a way to discourage me from seeking God!

Discipline is not easy. I speak the word "sacrifice" as if it's something I take for granted. But I have never known what it is to truly go without. America is overwhelmed with the idea that "good parents" will prevent all suffering. God has never promised that. He did promise that endurance produces character and that His strength is made perfect in our weakness.


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