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sad news about change in the nursery

I'm glad I didn't find this out last night. Abbey (one of my favorite babies in the nursery where I work) has graduated to the nursery downstairs. This is really hitting me and I don't know why. I guess because it's change and I'm not very good at change right now. Another couple of babies have also gone downstairs, and I didn't do too well with that either. But I thought Abbey would still be upstairs--at least for a few weeks. I feel silly getting so upset about it, but I am. Her mom emailed me and asked me to pray for them, said that Abbey would probably be upset and Mom doesn't do change too well. Does this sound dumb? I'm afraid that after they move downstairs they'll forget about me. We just don't see them anymore after that except in the unlikely event that we run into them in the halls. Oh, good grief! I'm way too attached to the babies.


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