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asthma update

This will sort of not mean much without a little bit of background. Last fall when I got one of my new inhalers, the doctor also gave me this nifty little device that measures how much air I'm breathing out. I've been doing it every day and making this big chart, and that's part of how I know when to increase or decrease my inhalers. They call this peak flow measurements. Most people's peak flows are between 400 and 450. Mine are usually around 325, but lately they've been doing good to get to 300, even after the bronchitis and more meds and stuff.

Well, I just did the test for today. I'm up to 360! And I'm not straining when I'm trying to talk! The doctor asked how my breathing was yesterday--remember he thought that my eye drops were causing a problem? Well, I'm beginning to think maybe he was right. I haven't felt this good in a LONG TIME!

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