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I woke up to discover that has terminated a bunch of Guides and are going to be taking down their sites. No, mine wasn't one of them, although I expected it would be.

I also found out that next week they will be requiring us to start using the newsletter publishing tool. I sent them a copy of a nice letter sent to me by a low vision user about how difficult the HTML version is to read. In reply, I got this:


That was all the support person had to say. Real professional. If I stay through the end of May, it will be a miracle.

I'm mad but not defeated. My biggest concern is how to help the users follow me to wherever I go. I doubt most are coming around because of About. They're coming because of the info. It's not fair to them to just quit and leave them hanging when the site gets taken down--and I'm sure it will at some point. I don't really want to get myself fired. I need to be able to send in my invoice for April, at least.

Enough about that. I'm going to go stew and strategize or something

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