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I just read About's calculations of what I would have made in March under the new plan.

Someone told us that the pay would stay the same until the end of the quarter. I thought I was safe at least until June, which was when my next quarterly review is supposed to be. Obviously they were talking about the first quarter and not the one we were in under the wonderful new stipend system. This new plan goes fully into effect on May 1.

My stipend is back down to $100. And where I would have earned $300 or so in March based on revenue share, I'm down to $69 on the new plan. I still want to know why they gave us this big news about stipends going up only to come around the next month and hit us with this.

Needless to say, I will now be spending my time writing up my resignation letter. Most people don't tell them why they leave. I intend to, and I am not leaving out a single detail.

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