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Well, I decided to brave About's conference call. I made it through an hour and a half of it and even asked some questions. Ok, actually I was gently confrontational. *LOL* The big boss let it slip that they have known about the problems with ad sales for several months. So I asked why they gave us this good news about the stipend going up and then took it away the next month. I got a bunch of circular talk which basically amounted to, "We thought it would get better, and we goofed." I also tried to point out another area where communication could (and should) have been clearer. Of course, instead of listening to what I was saying they went back to the old familiar script which is supposed to mean so much to us. Other people like me who spoke up were generally feeling the same way, and I suspect that (like me) a lot of people are questioning whether or not they should stay. About management knows how to run people's minds in circles, and they know how to make you think you've got enough of a fighting chance so that you stick around a little longer. I always had it in my mind to calculate just how many hours I was putting into this site. I took lots of breaks. But when it comes down to it, I have lived and breathed this site for a long time. Letting it go means a step down in income for a little while, and I lose Tuesday morning baby days in the middle of May. But perhaps About is one of those things that was for a season and now the season is changing. I can't very well do some of these other projects I've had in mind to do if I am living and breathing My philosophy has always been that I walkthrough the doors that are open and away from the doors that are closed. is just one of those doors that seems to swing. *grin*


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