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frustrating experiences with help

On one of the lists I'm on we've been talking about how some people get just mad when we don't take the help they think we need. I had an experience sort of like that on Wednesday at church. There are two doors to walk through when you go in. I had gone through the first one. Usually Dori just goes straight on to the second one, but this time there was a little old man standing there looking at her. So, of course, she got distracted and didn't go on through before I let go of the door. So the door barely misses her foot, and the guy has a fit and keeps asking me if I know the door almost hit her in the foot. I get the other door open and am trying to go through. She's still sniffing the man, and he's still in my face going on and on so that I can't go into the church, and I'm already late for work. Finally, I just said really loud, "I need you to back up!"He still didn't get it, so I just pulled dori through the door and went on into the nursery. It made me really mad because the whole door thing wouldn't have happened if I had been left alone.


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