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decorations for the new house

In a couple of weeks I'll get to send around pictures, and it's just not fair that not everyone gets the benefit from them. Part of the neat thing about my house is that the decor is not only visual but very tactual. It wasn't planned that way, and to tell the truth I was sort of bummed about the idea of shopping for decorations. I only remember feeling that way one other time in my life, and that was when I was trying to pick out my wedding cake. It hit me that I had never seen a cake before and didn't have a clue what I would want on it. I remember sitting there in the restaurant with the catalogs, bawling like a baby and wishing someone would just choose for me. But it was different with the house. I didn't want anyone to choose for me, and I was mad because I was going to be decorating for everyone else but me. When I was in college, I picked out posters based on the sayings on them. I'm not doing posters anymore, and this is no temporary arrangement, and in the beginning it was just a bummer.

We got into shopping, though, and we kept finding all these things that had things you could touch on them. It really was interesting and a neat surprise. I even found dishes with designs on them that you can feel! (I didn't buy them--couldn't decide what I wanted so put it off. *grin*) Mom came home the next day with a new shower curtain that has hearts, cats and birdhouses on it. (I know, something feminine. *grin*) The cool part is the rings that go on the curtain rod. Each one has a little heart, cat, or birdhouse on it that is like an ornament thing. (I'm not explaining very well. LOL)

I found a cool replacement for posters. *LOL* Hallmark has these neat little figurines. (I forget who makes them.) They have no faces, and most are angels. Each one is posing with something and has a title and comes with a little card. When I get them out, I'll see if Mom will read me the cards and I can type them out and explain the point better. The card has alittle slogan that says what the figure is supposed to represent. Anyway, I bought a bunch of these when I was shopping. I had always chosen posters that said/showed something about me, and these are great for just that purpose.

When I was looking at mobile homes and little houses, I had some criteria that none of them met. Each one met some of the criteria, but nothing met all. I wanted two bedrooms because I wanted to be able to spread out and have company if the opportunity arose. I wanted a tub because I wanted to be able to take a nice, relaxing soak if I had had areally bad day. I wanted lots of windows because I wanted natural lighting when possible. I wanted a basement because of my terror of tornadoes--yes, I knew that knocked the mobile homes out of the picture with one fell swoop. I didn't want a gas stove because looking at the flames scares me. That should give you an idea of how picky I was being.

Well, this place met or could easily meet all of my criteria. The only down side was that upstairs there's no central air. But I lived without central air last year; I can do it again for a while. It also had to be wired for an electric stove, and my parents had to buy stoves for both units. (They didn't want the gas, either.) It has not only a basement but a full basement which is clean and dry. And it meets one of Mom's dream criteria: it belonged to a family member. We didn't know that at first, but we found out that the owner's mother and my mom's great-grandmother were sisters. Mom is sentimental like that, and I think part of the reason she wanted to be here was to sort of have the home she never really had. And now she does. And I have my space but can go and visit my parents without paying my life's savings or asking them to get out and come get me. A better birthday present can't be had!


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