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doctor report

I'm home, and I am going to have some Dori and Inca medicine. The other doctor visit went ok. He's playing with my migraine meds--took away the Elavil and gave me something else. If I'm still having major trouble with the weight gain issue in a few weeks he'll do things like check my thyroid. He also gave me the name of another ENT since I didn't like the first one. He's thinking a CT scan might be a good thing to rule out "anatomical problems" (e.g. polyps in my sinuses) that might be causing the infections. Those things would be treatable, but I don't feel much like thinking about that now. I'll be on antibiotics for the next two weeks. That should make me a lot of fun, especially if they upset my stomach. But I gotta do what I gotta do. And for now that means going to bed and waiting for my fever to break. Needless to say, no more outings today.

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