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a part-time job

I've been job hunting for three years, and not having any luck. I've been working very part-time (about five hours/week) at my church in the nursery. The church also has a day care, and at one point I had opened up some discussion with the director about possibilities there. The discussions sort of hung because I had eye surgery in March and wanted to know that things were stable before taking on more with the job front.

Well, things are stable, but I've been fighting off this fear thing, not knowing how open she really was to the whole idea. Well, today I took the plunge and called to talk to her again. She was open to the idea of having me come in on a trial basis, which I thought was exciting. We talked about hours and came up with something that's not too much to start with, and on Friday I'll go in to talk to some of the classes about Dori and other stuff and doo more discussing of what accommodations I would need. Maybe I can get a good orientation to the building as well.

This has all been so hard because child care places really balk at hiring someone who is visually impaired. I love doing child care, and I actually want this more than an office job. (Office job places balk too, as has most other place I've applied.) So I'm excited to have an opportunity with someroom for growth.

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