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Wednesday afternoon update

Well, the throat pain is now a minor irritation, and my nose is dripping like a nice big raincloud! I took antihistamine, but it only made me feel dopey--I was hoping it would zap my nose so I could nap with my CPAP machine. No more of those! I was having a really good eye day, and "med head" is not compatible with having fun looking at things. I wrote to a friend that I think my immune system is complaining loudly and I wish I could tell it that Alphacor is my friend! Instead, all I know to do is relax as well as I can and hope that emotional relaxation will settle my body down physically.

So what was I enjoying looking at earlier? Well, things most people would probably laugh about--this really feels like deja vu to 1998. I'm blowing my nose a lot, and I keep seeing the tissue moving around and getting a bit captivated because the color is familiar to me. I walked into the living room and saw my dog lying on the floor. Of course, when I got excited and said her name, she jumped up and quit letting herself be a pretty picture for me to stare at. I've also discovered that I can see my fingers and the color of my skin. I don't remember noticing skin color in 1998, but I do remember being able to see it as a child and being fascinated at the concept that people's skin doesn't all look the same. This is sounding very racist, and it's not meant that way at all! I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Time for a nap--you know, that dopey feeling is really bugging me...


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