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the doctor report

I finally saw the new internist!

We discussed my various concerns, and there was actually time for everything and I felt very comfortable with it all. She's sending me to another specialist about my possible arthritis, but she mentioned that she may code it as arthralgia. She was not surprised about the fact that it was old injury sites or that there was a link to weather changes.

My seizure issue is still being left alone, although she agreed that taking Xanax during the five-day EEG was not a good move and also was receptive to my other thoughts about how the testing went for me. There is nothing to do at this point since Topamax is working for me.

We also talked about my cholesterol incident from my time in Florida. She wants to monitor it since I have some family history of elevated cholesterol; but she didn't react negatively to my use of supplements or the incident with the accidental use of the wrong supplement with Topamax last summer. I felt very comfortable being honest with her about what I'm taking and my hesitancy about statins, and I discussed my existing dietary modifications. She seemed to like these.

She's writing standing referrals for my eye doctors, so that should keep away any issues with lack of authorizations in that area for a little while at least.

Overall, I'm pleased with how the visit went. She's very personable and I need that in a doctor.

I'm also pleased to report that I'm now maintaining my weight a bit closer to my target. That gives me a tiny bit more motivation to move ahead a bit more and see about reaching my goal. I've been struggling for a very long time with a plateau--and I do mean a long time! Every time I've tried weight loss for over ten years, I've never been able to go below a certain point. It looks like I've cracked it finally! So onward and downward I hope to go!


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