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thoughts inspired by an email list discussion

Some discussion on the ACB-L list recently has prompted me to put together a list of rather thought-provoking questions worth exploring. It is not uncommon to hear discussions about some of these things in the blindness community, but it's rare to encounter them all together. This was really what attracted me to the Mariposa online group (MOL). MOL is a cross-disability group, and that made it an extremely valuable experience for me personally because I could expand some of these questions and explore my additional disabilities. I also benefitted from reading about the experiences of people with other disabilities and learning that blindness alone was not necessarily responsible for the experiences I had sometimes.

I wish I had permission to share some of the postings. They are absolutely fascinating! I'll try to discuss them as meaningfully as I can without being able to reference the text--the ACB-L list is not available for public viewing, so I don't feel right about posting the messages elsewhere. I'll try to write up a summary with a few snippets if I can get some permission from some individual authors... In the meantime, I want to put out the questions... I've been trying to put together my own thoughts about the impact of blindness, and maybe this will help me structure my thoughts.

The questions are behind the cut.Collapse )

I left these questions blindness-specific because it was how I wrote them... If you feel like borrowing any of them for use in your journals and modifying them for your own circumstances, feel free. I'm just having a good breathing day and felt like writing. More later... This is very preliminary.


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