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When is "me time?"

I'm still searching for "me time." According to what I just said to Alexis, I still don't know when I'm going to get it...

Last night we reorganized the freezer so we could fit more food in. That's one less thing to do today. But I still need to do the fridge and pantry. Can you tell I am planning a massive shopping trip? Oh, yes, I am! I found some hidden fundage that needs to be used.

I have an appointment in ten minutes.

Dad is working in the attic tonight, which means I have to clean out the closet where the access ladder is--and then put everything back. Not necessarily a bad thing... I wanted to do a bit of organizing anyway. It's just not what I had in mind for "me time" right now.

I need to go through my mail pile. Again, not what I had in mind for "me time."

We're taking Mom out to dinner. This will be fun, but it's not "me time."

Time to leave for my appointment... More snippets when I can catch a minute of "me time..."

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