Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

more about me time while en route with Meg

I'm recording on a walk with my dog... I'm doing the same route as yesterday. [Aside: Meghan hup hup.] And I'm alone this time, so I thought I would talk. Talk, talk, talk..

I really wasn't finished writing my rant about wanting me time, um, but I had to leave. Meghan, hup hup, [which sounds more like hop up.] Good girl. There's the fountain. ... off to my side. I was gonna let you hear the morning traffic, but it's kind of stalled out. Meghan, hup hup! Good girl! Let's go! That's a girl! Be perky in the morning!

So, uh, I'm just really feeling a bit frazzled lately 'cause I need some writing time and I need ... Pfui! Hup hup! ... time to work on my CD now that I'm ... better. Hup hup. Good girl, all the way to the end. ... All the way, hup hup. I know. we're turning. Hup hup! All the way to the end. Pfui! Hup hup. My dog likes to anticipate corners instead of going all the way to the end... Good girl. Left. That's good! Good girl. If we're gonna turn, she doesn't like to go all the way to the end of the street corner; and that's something I have to work with her on, going all the way to the end, because one day I might change that route and go straight ahead instead of turning. Meghan, hup hup. Leave the birds. Good girl. So, uh, we have robins, and she loves birds and kids. Those are her main two distractions. Very good, Meghan. Um, other dogs like squirrels. Meghan doesn't care about squirrels.

Ok, um, so, um, I was saying there were two things that I left off my list of things that I have to do that are stressing me out. One is that I have to give Miss Megs here a bath, and the other is that I have to scrub the cat box. Meghan, hup hup. Good girl. Good girl! There's lots of things to sniff in those bushes. Hup hup. Pfui [sounds like a sneeze] Hup hup. Good girl. Good girl! [coughs] Made it all the way to the ramp at the street corner! That might be the city bus coming. I'm not sure. I don't like these appointments at the top of the hour. [car drives past, stopping briefly] Meghan, forward. Straight... That's a good girl! Hup hup. That's good. Oh, the sun is beautiful today! On my weather thing it said that Wednesday would be nice.

Meghan, right. That's good. [dog barks in the distance] Meghan, leave it. That is one heck of a big dog! Meghan, FORWARD! Good girl! Leave it! Straight. WHAT A NICE JOB, MEGHAN!!! Good girl! That was a nice dog distraction! Hup hup. Let's get on our way!

Um, we're now on a quiet, semi-residential street. [car drives past] Meghan, hup hup [cheerfully]. Good girl. We're passing somebody's house. We're on the edge of a sort of residential neighborhood. Um, it's got a mixture of very big houses and very small houses, and we're in the historic section of town. Pfui! Hup hup. Meghan! Good girl! Good girl! And, um, there are also a few houses that have been turned into businesses in this part of town. So we're walking to a business where I have an appointment this morning. Um, and I'll be out of here in a while, and we'll walk back home; and, uh, if I happen to get a book scanned today, which I doubt will happen seeing all the things that I have to do today, we'll walk to the library. Good girl! You found it! She turned off to the left, and I'm not going to correct it today 'cause I'm ready to go inside. So we're here, and we are at the door, and I will chat with you all later. Goodbye.

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