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not for the faint of heart

C was happily playing on the floor, and I was scanning a book and working on some other things; and suddenly she screamed bloody murder...

She says it's long and round and has stripes and a bunch of legs and a stinger. Upon checking with a friend, the stinger is actually an antenna.

The picture comes from Mom's friend, who says she screams when she sees one.

I tried setting Inca on a bug hunt. She was not interested. Sable only plays with them, and Sierra wouldn't know how to hunt if life depended on it. Rhonda told me her dog eats them. So I tried telling Meg to take it. No such luck. Meg apparently didn't find it appetizing.

I want the thing out of my house! What I do not need is to find that thing lying around somewhere by touching it. EEEWWW!!!

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