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Guess who's back...

She's back...

Last year, Mom and I found a mother cat with three kittens hanging around. The cat was black, very much skin and bones but very friendly and clean. She was still nursing the kittens but allowed us to pet them. I fed her a bit of my cats' food occasionally in the hope of helping her survive. I was hoping to get her a spot in the local trap/spay/release program. It didn't work--the waiting list is several months long, and the kittens disappeared by that time and her appearances at my door were very erratic. I had been calling her Melodee. At some point, someone else put a paper collar on her that said Gloria.

This afternoon, I poked my head out the door for something, and she was on Mom's window ledge. She's extremely fat, and I suspect she's pregnant again. So I will be back to feeding and see about the T/S/R program again in a couple of months or so. I probably have time to start the process this time. She looks like she'll be ready to pop in a couple of weeks or so, and that means she won't wean the babies for a couple of months. It would give me time to find help for her. Of course, my dad won't like it, but if it keeps more stray cats from populating the neighborhood then it's not a bad thing to try. And a little food won't hurt once in a while... It's something small I can do since there's nowhere I can really take her. The shelters are always full this time of year.


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