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Sierra and Sable's vet trip

Whew! Everybody is current finally!

Sable is a pound overweight. I expected much worse given her eating habits. The vet was not very concerned--she is a big cat and we're working on more exercise. She's an emotional eater and gets cranky when there is no food available, so this is an area where I pick my battles. She weighs 12.6 pounds, and her size has been pretty consistent over the last couple of yeare since I adopted her. Her teeth are clean, and she's got a clean bill of health.

Sierra is another story. She weighs 8 pounds. She had junk in her ears, which he cleaned out, and junk under her nails. The teeth on the left side of her mouth are loaded with tartar, and some are infected. Two were loose, and he pulled them in the office and sent home antibiotics. The teeth on the right side of her mouth are white, and he suspects that she has been eating on that side because of pain on the left. He said her breath should improve significantly with the infected teeth gone and her temperament should improve as well. It was never bad to begin with except that she is a little skittish. He thinks that next year she may need a cleaning and another tooth pulled. So I'll have to start saving for the anesthetized deal.

I asked him about her spring heats. He was familiar with ovary tags and said it's fine to leave them alone unless her behavior is a problem to me. I'm not concerned too much about it as long as I know that I'm not crazy for thinking she's in heat. He did say that if I decide to have her looked at, he would have to do it in May when she's in a heat cycle.

All in all, I think this was a good trip. My little gray kitty is walking off her anxiety at the moment and avoiding the food, but I'm glad she's not hiding.

Now I'm here, sipping a raspberry latte from Starbucks and checking mail and LJs... MMMMM!!! Time for some profound writing, and the cat vet report doesn't really qualify as profound.


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