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all the details about Dori

Last November, Dori started having accidents in the house. She was treated for a bladder infection with no improvement. I tried some things thinking maybe it was a behavioral issue and she was just refusing to go outside. No improvement. We tried estrogen therapy with no improvement. In June, I took her to Purdue University for extensive testing. It showed some abnormalities in her kidney, but the doctor thought these were due to a urinary tract infection caused by mycoplasma.

Dori has been on meds for mycoplasma now since July. We did repeat testing last month, and the kidneys look better. But she is still having the accidents, and there definitely seems to be a stress link--and part of what seems stressful for her is traffic. She's very timid, and nothing I've done has helped much. She won't pick up speed, and I know she's got it in her because she can outrun a race car when she's playing! Well, maybe not really, but you get the idea. I talked to Pete Lang today. The accident problem has been going on for ten months, and I've spent a thousand dollars and it's still going on. Between that and her being so timid, I am just not sure it's the best idea for her to keep working. Now I understand how people feel when they have to decide about retiring young dogs, and I didn't ever want to understand. Brad Scott is coming out next week to work with me, butPete said he suspects Brad will recommend retiring. Ugh! There is one medication left to try, and if stress wasn't a problem and speed was okI would be all for it. But I just don't know if I am, and I feel like that's not fair to Dori, like I'm giving up on her. She is a good guide when she's confident. I'm just not too confident that all this can be worked out. But she's so happy when we get ready to go out!

Pete said they would take her back and try to stabilize her before placing her in a home, and he asked what I wanted to do about replacement. I lost all my composure right there. This wasn't supposed to happen for ten years or something. I told him I'd call next week after Brad had been here.


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