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Dori getting ready for a new home

Jen's family is still making their decision, but they seem to be feeling very positive about taking Dori. I had lots of concerns and things I wanted to share with them, and I decided that I'd do something maybe a bit unique and let Dori explain her own needs in language appropriate for children. I'll modify it in the event that this particular placement doesn't work out.

To my new family:

I'm feeling kind of excited and sad at the same time. I don't really understand what's happening, but I love people and I know that you will be a good family for me. I thought I should tell you some things about myself so that you can help make things easier for me.

I had to stop working because I was sick and I had lots of accidents in the house. I usually have them while I am sleeping. I don't mean to, but I can't help it. I take medicine right now to help me feel better. I don't like the medicine very much, and I spit the pills out. I will open my mouth for you if you tell me, "Take your medicine," in a happy voice, and I will let you stick your hand in and put the pill in the back of my mouth behind my tongue. I like to have a little bit of water after I take my medicine.

I love to sleep on beds with people. But it's very important that I go outside before I'm allowed on the beds, and someone should watch to makesure I do what I should be doing outside. Sometimes playing is more fun, and sometimes it's raining and I really don't like to go out. If I haven't done my business outside, I might have an accident on the bed,and I would feel very sorry about that. Mom has mattress covers on her beds so that my accidents don't ruin the beds, but she gets awfully tired of washing sheets!

My favorite dog food is Purina Dog Chow. I'd much rather be eating things like chocolate doughnuts, cupcakes, or bananas, but Mom says it's much better if I don't eat people food. Sometimes I try to eat it anyway. If I ever do that, just tell me, "Leave it," very quietly and I will do my best to resist the temptation.

I hope you'll make me a special place in your house for my carpet square. You can show me where it is and tell me it's my place, and then if you need me to go there you can tell me to go to my place.

I love to play ball and tug games. I'll even play by myself sometimes, but it's much more fun to play with people. I like to have a pplaytime in the morning and in the evening before bed. Playtimes help me to feel relaxed, and I behave much better when I feel relaxed. I also like to go for walks. If you take me on a walk, please keep me on my leash so that I remember to stay with you. I get very excited, and I can run very very fast. I would not like to get lost or hurt outside.

I guess maybe you need to know about my doctors. My doctor is Dr. Hogan. I saw him in May, and he gave me all of my shots for the year. I also have been seeing doctors at Purdue University. They are working with Dr. Hogan to help me feel better. I don't like to go to the doctor very much, but I will cooperate if someone sits on the floor and talks to me while I'm there.

Please tell Mom how I'm doing so that she won't feel so sad. It would be fun to visit her sometimes, too.

Oh, one more thing. I like cats, and I'll be very nice to your cat. Maybe we will even become friends and take naps together. I forget sometimes that not all cats like for me to sniff them. If your cat gets upset with me, please help me remember by telling me to leave the cat. Also, please help me remember that it's not nice to eat the cat's food. I forget that sometimes. That fish flavor tastes pretty good!




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