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Dori's adjustment

I talked to Jen today. Dori's doing well, but she got Jen up four times last night to go park. I think it's probably stress and she'll settle down soon. At least she's making it outside. But here's the interesting part. The family that decided not to take her recommended that I find someone with a doggy door. I sort of snorted in my mind and wondered how on earth I'd find someone. I mean, it isn't every day you meet someone with a doggy door. Well, Jen's family is moving the weekend I go to Seeing Eye. Today Jen happened to mention that the family living there now has a golden retriever and they put in a doggy door, and this was one of the things that sold Jen on the house because she had been wanting a dog. So Dori will have access to the yard anytime she needs it! God's looking out for her, too.

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