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Sierra is out of hiding!!!

I noticed this morning that my little gray kitty did not sleep with me last night and went back into hiding in the back of my summer clothes closet after I gave her antibiotics. At first, I thought she was probably just mad at me because I was medicating her. However, she wasn't eating; and when I pulled her out of hiding later, I noticed that she was shaky and kind of feverish-feeling. I called the vet and asked if it was possible that she could be in pain from having that tooth pulled.

He said that it was possible and that if she might be in pain it was probably a good idea to give her pain meds. I watched her for a few more hours... She did nibble a little bit, and I got her to come out and hang out on my bed a bit. But she was extremely tense and had a definite preference for the closet, behind all my dresses and hunched up on the electric blanket. It made a lot of sense to me (a chronic pain sufferer). It's dark and sound is muffled in there. When you're in pain, everything is too bright and too loud. I also noticed that if I scratched behind her shoulder blades, she flinched. So I got the pain meds.

She's now eating quite a bit and wandering the house a bit. We'll see if she sleeps with me.


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