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Life is like a computer game...

My mama always said life is like a computer game... No, not really, but just because my mama didn't say it doesn't mean it isn't true.

I'm thinking about two different games right now, and they both have a bit of relevance to life. I'm sure many other parallels could be drawn.

The first is a game Christy has called Troopanum. I got into playing it when I was here visiting but really started getting serious yesterday. You have these space ships coming from different directions and you have to target and shoot them. There are three levels of difficulty, and each level has 12 "waves" that increase in difficulty as you go through the game. Along the way there are things you can pick up to give you more power against the space ships, and you can use them when the ships are coming too fast and from all sides.

I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning. There are points in the game where you have to make judgment calls because you have more than one ship or object available. You have to decide which ship to shoot orwhether to go pick up the object, and a lot of it is based on how much time you have and what else is going on. Of course, you always want to try to get the "special objects" because those are your weapons. But you might miss one because you're so intent on shooting down a ship, or you might get to the ship just as it is landing and then you "die". (I'd rather think of it as getting knocked down.)

Isn't life like that? We sometimes get one ship coming at us that we have to shoot down, and then another. Sometimes we get a little break between waves, and sometimes there are many ships and we have to choose battles. Of course,we can pick up things along the way that strengthen us, and that's part of the battle too.

I'm also thinking about a game I played at a convention this summer. In the game, animals would come toward me from various directions, and I would have to use a particular button to shoot or trap them depending on which type of animal came and where it came from. I had to think "on my feet" because I had to know what type of animal was coming, where it was and what it was doing because that made all the difference in whether I shot it or trapped it and from what side. I think about this in relation to protecting and nurturing. We need to know which is needed in the situation. In any case, we cannot stay idle. We have to move. Sometimes we protect when we should nurture, and sometimes we nurture when we should protect. Sometimes we misfire or aim poorly, but we have to move even if we make a mistake. In this game of life there is no mistake that can't be forgiven, no wrong that God cannot make right if only we give Him the reigns and keep moving.


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