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work thoughts

Here I am at work. I'd rather be sleeping.

I haven't talked much about my job. I always thought tech writing would be boring. It certainly wasn't something I ever thought I would be doing. Actually, I thought it required a degree.

Since October, almost everyone in the building has been working on one product. I gather that's not the norm. I've been thinking what a creative process this is. I never thought of computers as products of creativity. I guess I took them for granted. But now I'm thinking about the genius that has gone into not only getting this new project to work mechanically but to getting it to work functionally! I never realized all that goes into making a computer. Someone has to create the actual machine and make it recognize the drivers that make the keys do the right things and the scripts that interpret every press of a key and link it to the right information in the help system... And I am part of that creative process! Wow!

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