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death of the scanner

In light of my previous entry, you will understand why what I am about to post is truly upsetting for me. I hope to have a remedy soon, but it is not an easy thing to get in place...

My scanner--yes, the very one I got in 1994--has finally bitten the dust. It actually still scans wonderfully--when it scans. But the motor sounds horrible, and I'm getting the message, "Scanner error detected," quite a bit. I've run it till it just can't be run any more. The sad thing about this is that since I am technically not employed in a job that requires scanning, VR will not replace it. Whether they would replace it anyway is anyone's guess... I have a little money that is dedicated to getting the CD out, so I can't dedicate it to buying an entirely new scanner package for people who are blind--they run several hundred dollars, not the $130 that you find in Office Depot. I have no idea who services the Reading Edge now--it isn't made anymore. I did buy a scanner with Fine Reader a few years ago as a back-up, and I have Fine Reader installed on my laptop. If I can find the CDs, I'll try installing it on my desktop... Getting the scanner working with it is another story. I was never able to do this... So we will see what we will see...

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