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convention week on the AU campus

There is for a change a good reason why I haven't written...

I've made it to two of the five convention presentations I wanted to attend, and tomorrow I'll go to the last one. So the week hasn't ended up being a total wash-out. C is here at the moment, so my writing time is a bit sparse; but I wanted to check in and at least make note of the fact that the week is shaping up better than I thought it would on Saturday. The new antibiotics and yogurt seem to be helping me quite a bit, although the illness and consequent improvement are once again manifesting via my nose. I'm just glad to be tolerating a reasonable level of activity, and for once the infection is not hanging on for weeks!

An old college friend has been running me around to the presentations today and joined me, Alexis, and C for dinner. We had a great time talking, and I enjoyed catching up. Hopefully we won't get so out of touch after this... Running around on campus brought back a lot of good memories, and it was nice to know that I still have friends from those days and that it's possible to enjoy those memories. Meg was quite the little trooper, and she has now proved to me once and for all that she does have the capability to speed up! No more poking along!


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