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generic update on life

I can voice post again, and I have a bit of updating to do...

Good morning. I'm so HAPPY this morning! Why? Because I can voice post once again. [giggles] Ok, um, little stupid things amuse me.</p>

I'm just in the process of getting up and around this morning, and I am getting some laundry ready to take downstairs, and I thought I would make a voice post.

I'm not really in the mood to be up and doing anything today, but I'm practicing being up and around when I don't want to be because I'm getting ready for some big changes in my life, and I'm going to keep everybody in suspense because I'm not really going to tell a whole lot of details yet. In time I will, but I want to get some of the things arranged before I start talking.

(whispers) Here comes Alexis... She probably wonders what I'm doing, but she can probably figure it out. [laughs]

Alexis: Is that Kevin?

Me: No. She can't figure out what I'm doing.

Alexis: I know what you're doing.

Me (laughing): You know what I'm doing. She knows what I'm doing.

Alexis: You're doing your laundry.

Me: Oh, she knows what I'm doing: I'm doing my laundry, but she hasn't figured out what else I'm doing. Uh, anyway...

I have lots of things to do today. One is clean my room (which I didn't do yesterday cuz I was tryin' to sleep). My nap (in case those of you who commented were wondering how my nap went) ... it really didn't go too well. But ... [Alexis comments about the cats.] No, it actually had nothing to do with the CATS. I awoke to the sound of BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG ... on the roof! Normally, such things would make me really mad. [aSIDE TO aLEXIS: gO AHEAD, IMMITATE THE BANG BANG BANG... ... Go ahead, I know you're dying to.]

Alexis: No, I don't think Livejournal wants to hear my...

Me: Ok, I'll immitate the bang bang bang. [bangs on the door rhythmically, laughing] That's about the frequency it was, except that it was over and over and over and over and over ... But decided to let it slide because what the bang bang bang bang meant was THEY WERE FINALLY FIXING THE ROOF!!! It's needed to be fixed for about ... literally about 16 months! So there will be no more DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP and no more buckets being put out in the thunderstorms! [Alexis comments.] She says unless I just want to for memory's sake, which I really don't. So that is the END of the bucket and the dripping and stuff.

So I really didn't grieve too much about my lost naptime, but what that meant was that I really didn't get a nap. So I'm tired and ... stuff! I am going around today doing things in spite of not getting a nap. Alexis asked me this morning how I was feeling, and I said (grouchily in a low voice) "I don't know! I just woke up!" which is really not my normal response. (laughs) Usually I can go, "Crummy," or "Ok," or some kind of response. But not today.</p>

Off I go to the basement. Goodbye (immitating the Livejournal phone lady). Well, not to Livejournal... Goodbye Alexis... Oh, Meg's going with me! Meg wants to go outside. Let's go, Meg. (shuts door)

So, um, that's about how the morning started. I really don't feel too hot. Well, I do feel too hot, but... I had a real cool thing last night: I got to have a conversation with Amy B., and that was fun. It turns out that the fireworks were only in the distance last night, not where I could watch them from my balcony; so the voice post from kl1964's journal was quite a rarity, although I don't know... Maybe they'll do them again this evening. (opens back door) Who knows? I might be posting to you live and in person again! (Shuts back door, opens basement door)

Um, let's see. Whoa, I almost fell down the basement stairs! That would be quite a thing for Livejournal, wouldn't it? Uh, I almost did it again! Ok, today is not the day to be going to the basement! [Shout-outs to caitlin45 and awallens follow.] I usually don't do shout-outs, so if you're feeling unimportant please don't. I just happened to feel like it today.

Some updateage from here in preparation for the big change... I'll just tell you that the big change has to do with going back to school. But I'm not going to discuss it in detail yet because I don't have everything in place and I'm a little nervous about it until that point. Um... (slams dryer) I have to fill out FAFSA forms and things like that, so... Yesterday I went over ... well, I went online and applied for a PIN from the Dept. of Education. So I have to sit around and wait for that to show up in my email. I don't know how long that takes, and I'm just hoping that I can get all the things filled out in time to start. My application is already in. I just don't have all of the money stuff worked out.

I guess I should start the water in the machine if I'm going to do laundry... [Washer controls can be heard.] Oops, I didn't turn it far enough. ... There. Lately around here, not much is going on... I need to walk down to the library... Oh, that was what I was going to talk about!

I found an alternate route yesterday ... no, the other day. [Water sounds in the background.] Today is Saturday, not Friday. There've always been two different ways, at least ... any number of ways ... that I can walk to the library. On Thursday, Alexis and I walked down to eat at this Chinese food place. And I've walked home from there before. The thing that caused the mess in the first place with Meghan and the library route was: in February when we ate Chinese food there, what I had done is walked over to the library from there and then walked home on Main Street, and so I figured walking home on Main Street should be a peace of cake.

But the Chinese food place is on another street. So Alexis and I walked over to the Chinese food place, and what I discovered is that all of the numbered streets have nice, deep curb cuts that Meghan can't run without my knowledge. So I will walk along that street to get to 12th Street, then walk along 12th Street to get to the library, and then walk home back along the street where the the Chinese food place is because the buildings are nice and close to the road, so I can keep my orientation without getting lost. So when I take books back to the library in the next ocuple of days, that's what I'm going to do.

That's my plan for trying the library route again, and I wanted to post that as an update here because I thought about it. ... Why are there two big cups on the counter...? I seem to have this accumulation of water cups, and I seem to have an accumulation of dishes from yesterday, so I guess I will do those. ... All in the name of having breakfast and getting moving and cleaning my room... I've been saying that I was going to clean my room ALL WEEK. And have I done it? No. So it's time for me to actually do something I said I was going to do. [Talk about cleaning my desk follows.] I came up here and didn't let my dog in because I've got 15 things on my mind, so I should go get her. [goes down and lets Meghan in]

Well, I'm going to stop talking and talking and talking...I could probably keep talking forever. It sure is FUN to be able to voice post again. Something about voice posting gives me ENERGY for the day. I should, like, make a list out of all the things that I want to voice post about and then do it in the morning ... except I still wish there was a way that you could, like, pay to have additional voice posts or something like that. But you can't. [Talk about budget follows to the sound of feeding Meghan.]

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