Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

waiting on taxi

Here, taxi taxi taxi...

It's doing it a-GAIN! <sigh> Oh no, I hope that train doesn't slow down the taxi. It's HOT, and I have a migraine, and I'm just practicing going out anyway. And the CAB is taking FOR-EVER!

Can you hear the train in the distance? [Alexis says, "Yeah."] If I step outside, it'll get louder. It's three blocks away... [I immitate the train. Alexis comments about putting Inca on the tracks.] NOOOO! We're NOT putting my cat on the train tracks!

Alexis: Phyllis showed me what tracks are, so I can do it.

Me: Oh, give me a break

Alexis: I sat on the tracks.

Me (immitating train): You sat on the tracks! Well, let's put YOU on the tracks!

Alexis: Phyllis was there...

Me: We'll put you on the tracks.

Alexis: ... [something about learning]

Me: It's not about learning. It's about putting you on the tracks.

Alexis: Why.

Me: Because you want to put my cat on the tracks.

Alexis: Well, you would lose your massage therapise.</p>

Me: Well, you haven't gone to school, so I wouldn't lose anything.

So, anyway, we're just sitting around, arguing, waiting on the cab which is supposedly going to take us to the restaurant where we'll eat yummy food which my stomach is in desperate need of because I'm very hungry. Um, I'm tired, but...

Alexis: Theology will do that to you.

Me: Yeah, I've been doing theology.... I just thought I'd check in and say that we've been waiting on this cab for ... how long? I really haven't been timing. I should start timing and see how many 45-minute cab waits I have each month. I think this is a sign that I won't be using cabs to get to and from class in the fall. I'll be probably using the fixed-route system. Yay!

On that lovely note, I'll be signing off; and hopefully my pain meds will kick in soon because my head really hurts. It's 88 degrees outside right now. That's hot. 88 degrees is hot. If you live ini some crazy, stupid place like Death Valley, CA, I don't wanna hear about it ... cause that's sweltering. ... Hot and sweltering... I can't tolerate either one! I LIKE the cold! That's why I live here in Indiana, where it's not supposed to be hot!

Goodbyee... I'm going to go [yawns] eat something cold, but not a salad because I can make one of those at home. So I'll eat a nice, warm dish, main dish. Then I'm gonna eat dessert with ice cream on top... Yum, yum! And then ... I'm gonna get me some breakfast to bring home so I can have a good, yummy breakfast tomorrow before church. Soooooo... If you're bored .. go have yourself some food.

Alexis: Your delirious.

Me: Oh, you know what I'm talkin' about. I'm delirious 'cause my head hurts really bad. ... Oh, Alexis says I never know what I'm talking about. My head hurts too bad to argue with her. So she can think that she knows what she's talking about 'cause right now ... I'm in too much pain to care.


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