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report on the day and thoughts about discipline

Today has been a very productive day despite my heat-induced migraine.

  • Worked on organizing some info for grad school

  • Did a load of dishes

  • Did two loads of laundry, and most of it is put away.

  • Changed the kitty box

  • Took out garbage

  • Ate out with Alexis

  • Picked up the clutter in my room, which I've been procrastinating about.

  • Medicated Sierra

  • Filled up my weekly pill box so I don't have to do it in the morning

Grad school plans are still very tentative at the moment--not because my decision is tentative but because the details are not ironed out. My acceptance is not an issue, but filling out the FAFSA and getting the financial kinks worked out is a big hurdle. I didn't announce my decision in lights in this journal; but there is a very long entry in my off-line journal about it. The decision was not easy. I'll write more about it as the kinks are worked out. I'll need plenty of support.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I pruned my Yahoogroups profile. It's become glaringly obvious to me that I waste a lot of my time deleting email. A good bit of it is spam, and I suspect that a lot of that is generated by various groups I'm on that rarely get messages. I think that people come onto the groups and take email addresses from the member lists and use them. It's against the Yahoo terms of service, but I've been conducting experiments and the email addresses I have that are not on any Yahoo groups do not get spam as a general rule. So I left those groups as well as a few groups that I don't read very often. Hopefully this will leave me only with groups that I actually care about and will devote time to--and more time to devote to other things.

I have made significant progress in some areas of discipline, namely in keeping my house picked up and eating healthier. It's important that I acknowledge this. At the same time, I also need to acknowledge that I need badly to improve in some areas, namely Bible study and journaling. Something was quoted once in Sunday school: "God is easily pleased but never satisfied with our progress." It stuck with me. I need to experience His pleasure. But it can't be an end point for me. I have to keep moving.

Ror now, I am tired. We will see what tomorrow brings.</p>

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