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reflection on emotional intelligence presentation

On Wednesday morning, I attended a presentation about developing emotional intelligence for leadership. A lot of material was presented, and I'm not sure how to begin to post about it. There were two aspects to the presentation: the spiritual and the psychological. This, of course, fascinated me completely because it piqued both of my interests. I'll take the spiritual over to sjbtheology because it gets very deep and is taking most of my focus at the moment.

A good bit of information was presented about both the concept of emotional intelligence and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. One of the things I found fascinating was the idea that it's possible to have too much of what might be considered a good thing (e.g. assertiveness0 and that the ideal is to strive for a balance between high and low skills.

As the information defining emotional intelligence was presented, I thought a lot about the therapy I went through for a number of years, dialectical behavior therapy. I think the reason that it was so helpful for me was because it was designed to address opposites in a person's thinking (dialectics). There are many therapy programs that address the same skill sets generally; but they don't all address them from the same angles or in the same combinations. I had a tendency to address a problem of excessiveness in one area by swinging too far in the other direction; and DBT helped me to find a lot of areas of middle ground.

That's a piece of what was running through my mind as I listened to the presentation. I'll try to synthesize my notes into something postable over the next few days.


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