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Sarah Blake LaRose

tired voice post

I'm just checking in to the sound of the boom booms outside. I'll have you note that I did not post yesterday, so I'm somewhat budgeting my voice posts.

I'm very very tired, and my dad just called to tell me that tonight is the night of the midnight parade. Alexis asked me what the midnight parade is, and I really honestly can't remember, so I couldn't really answer the question except to say that it's a parade that comes through here about midnight. Um, I don't know what it's going to sound like. That might merit another voice post if it wakes me up, but as tired as I am it probably won't wake me up.

I'm just sitting here. I did my laundry today. I did my bedding, so I'm going to sleep on clean sheets. I'm putting pillow cases on pillows. I already tried to do this voice post once, and it sounded really dorky, so I started over. But I said I was putting pillows on pillow cases, and I made some stupid crack about how that will be what my theology papers sound like because this is about how tired I'm gonna be in school.

Today has been a quite busy day. I've done laundry. I've made a pot of food to freeze in the freezer. The cooking went rather badly today. I sort of overdid it on the basil, quite overdid it on the basil actually [Alexis groans in the background] because the little sprinkle top didn't get put back on, so I went to sprinkle the basil and didn't realize that the sprinkle top lid wasn't on, and well, uh, I, uh, dumped the whole entire rest of the container of basil onto the pan of food. I figured out what I did, and, well, I thought I could get most of it off. Well, I didn't get all of it off. So we have quite basil-y shepherd's pie. And, uh, Alexis says, "That is YOURS. I'm not eating any of that." And so, um, I have quite basil-y shepherd's pie.. ... and I'll evaluate it tomorrow and decide if I want to freeze it or if I want to get rid of the rest of it. I really hate the idea of wasting food, but I gotta tell ya it's pretty basil-y--if basil-y is a word. ... I just made it a word! I invented a word! How do ya like them apples, whatever them apples are?

[Alexis says, "We could always put Inca in there." She thinks I should cook Inca. We're not gonna discuss that. We are really not gonna discuss that. ... I can't figure out this silly pillow. Oooooh, I wanna go to bed!Um... [Alexis says, "I think you should conjugate a German verb."] No. ... Soooo ... There. I think I figured this pillow out.

Um, let's see... What else did I do today? I did the laundry and cooked a pot of food. I listened to most of a presentation from convention that I missed. They have the archived ones up, and so I did that. It was quite enjoyable. I typed up some notes from another presentation that I went to. Let's see what else...? I filled out my FAFSA. I talked with the student services lady about getting financial aid. ... Um, what else did I do? That's actually quite a bit of stuff. [Alexis says, "You talked with David."] Yes, I talked with David. Um, I talked to a couple of friends and I need to call one friend back. I realized as I'm saying all of this that I neglected to return a phone call. Did some writing... Did not take a nap. Now all my little pillows are done, and I think I'm going to wait on the big pillows until morning 'cause I can. Oh, I did some housecleaning. I think that really that's about it that I did today. But I could be wrong. You never know.

So on that lovely note, I'm going to go to sleep and see if I can sleep through the midnight parade. Ordinarily, I might think it might be fun to try to stay up and voice post during the midnight parade; but I don't think so today. I'm too tired. I've been awake since 6:00 a.m., and it's now some other time and I'm VERY tired. So... Tomorrow is another day, and I will be journaling at that point 'cause I have a lot more on my mind. My FAFSA is done, and that's one thing that's NOT on my mind! Goodnight. So long. Farewell. And I'm ... going ... to bed.

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