Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Pop pop pop!!!

Imagine being able to attend the fireworks display by stepping out onto the balcony... Well, only sort of... I'll interpret a bit for you...

I'm standing out on the porch listening to fireworks, which the neighbors all around are setting off. I can hear popping from up to three or four blocks away. The next door neighbor is playing a guitar, and there is unidentifiable music playing farther west.

Alexis eventually joins me on the balcony, joking that she should have brought a cat out. We marvel about all the popping sounds. A lady passes on the opposite side of the street, arguing with someone on her cell phone. Cars driving by can be heard. I comment about a stray dog with an unusual bark and the fact that each pop sounds different: some sound big and some sound small. I then begin immitating pops.

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