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a new emoticon and a new word

Ok, if this isn't weirdness... The program I use that reads the screen out loud has a script that reads emoticons. Here are a vew examples.

  • :) smily

  • ;) winking smily

  • :P smily with tongue out

But :( is a sad smily, not a "frowny." My friend just told me that she thinks holds the trademark for the frowny face. I didn't believe it, but it's true! I just read their FAQ--it's extremely rudely worded, by the way. Anyway, I think using the word "smily" to describe something that pictures a frown is stupid. So I've decided to invent a new emoticon just to be silly: the blind person's smily. Oh, it's not called a smily. It's called a brailly. :...)

P.S. I'm in pain and I need a break from it. So consider this my non-profound LJ entry for the century. :...) I'll be sure to tradmark the brailly.

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