Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

ramblings on the weekly schedule and school

For those who can't listen to the voice post for various reasons, here are the highlights.

Upcoming appointments and events:

  • 07/08/06 all-day small group leader training at church

  • 07/09/06 Steven Arterburn at church, author of Emotional Freedom Workbook

  • Sunday school series on Beginning with Jesus by Joel Green continues through all Sundays in July

  • 07/10/06 rheumatologist

  • 07/10/06 therapy

  • 07/11/06 Toastmaster's (undecided)

  • 07/12/06 VR appointment to discuss adaptive tech, not feeling too hopeful

  • 07/12/06 afternoon hair appointment

  • 07/12/06 evening dinner at church (undecided)

  • 07/16/06 Kathy Troccoli at church

  • 07/27/06 nose doctor to discuss turbinate surgery, which I've decided to have, and any other stuff that needs done

  • 08/04/06 surgery scheduled

  • Schedule with C next week unknown

  • /ul>

    Surgery has very little recovery time compared to polyp surgery. That was encouraging. Whatever is left to do needs to get done before school.

    Speaking of school, I have misc paperwork to turn in for this. Got my SAR. SARs for grad school are unhelpful: they tell you that you get no Pell grant money, so I know what I already knew, which is that I take the debt and start the scholarship scramble in January. I'm starting to feel excited about this school thing, and the terms are not sounding so daunting. Constructive theology really is a mouthful, but seeing some of the book titles helps and meeting some people helps.

    All of this was told over putting laundry in the dryer and doctoring a cup of coffee.

    3011K 15:21
    (no transcription available)

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