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Ebay spoof emails

Heads up to all my readers: there is a new Ebay look-alike email. Do not be fooled!

It will come to you looking like a question from an Ebay member. It will show them bidding on some of your items (first dead giveaway since I am not selling anything at the moment). It will also show a 100 percent feedback rating (second dead giveaway because I've never seen anyone have one of these). Then the "question" just says something about could always use the extra money. Right clicking on the respond link (which would have led me to a sign in page), I copy the URL to clipboard and then paste it somewhere so I can see it. It does not lead to Ebay at all but to some other site that would serve to collect my login info--and thus lead them to my connected Paypal account, where they could then attempt to transfer funds out of my bank account, which is linked...

Use your heads!, especially if you really do buy or ings on Ebay much.

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