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guest speaker at church

My pastor has been preaching a series based on the TV show, "What Not to Wear." He just finished it, and this morning he started his sabbatical and we had Steven Arterburn as a guest speaker. He was preaching away and mentioned that he and his wife have a favorite TV show, "What Not to Wear." Everyone started laughing, and he said, "Oh, I see some of you know that show... Maybe some of you don't..." He went on to explain who the hosts were, just as Jim has done for the past few weeks; and we were all laughing because he has no idea that Jim has been doing this series. Then he went on with his sermon, taking a slightly different angle than Jim did with his sermons but still using the show to illustrate a point and lead into his teaching. In the end, he discussed three attitudes that hinder people's growth: stubborn resistance, arrogant entitlement, and justifiable anger--all spiritual things not to wear. Jim's series probably should have been called more aptly, "What to Wear..." At the end of the service, Jim Rogers got up and casually thanked Steven for continuing our series on what not to wear.

I will post reflections later. I just wanted to post this amusement "hot off the press."


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