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news on rheumatology and the scanner

The rheumatologist pushed on all my pain spots--and some I did not know existed! OWWWWWWW!

She thinks that I likely have osteoarthritis due to wear and tear on my joints: weight-bearing joints and my hands due to falls on stairs, lots of piano-playing, and dogs pulling on me. The catch is that I can't really stop using my joints, and stopping using them would only cause them to atrophy anyway. So she said to keep doing normal activities and stay on pain meds. If the Naprosyn stops working, there are other NSAIDs I can try. She wants me to have more bloodwork and X-rays just to rule out autoimmune disease.

I was very happy with her. Despite my general discomfort this afternoon due to the exam itself, I am very comfortable with her and I feel like she was very thorough and easy to talk to.

On an entirely different note, I found someone to service my scanner. It will cost quite a bit, and I don't know what the outcome will be. I'll send it off and see what he can do with it. It's only been serviced once in 12 years. I'm hoping that it can be fixed and perhaps I can get another 12 years out of it. With school starting in late August, I really cannot afford to be without a scanner. I actually need it back before then: what I don't need is to get behind in scanning books...

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