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emotion vs. discipline

Another good quote:

St. John of the Cross wrote that often when someone first becomes a Christian God fills them with a desire to seek him. They want to read Scripture, they are eager to pray, they are filled with a desire to serve. These characteristics are, in a sense, gifts from God to get them moving; a kind of spiritual starter kit. After a while, John of the Cross said, this initial eagerness wears off God takes away the props so that we can begin to grow true devotion that is strong enough to carry on even when unaided by emotions. (John Ortberg, God is Closer Than You Think, p. 35

It's so easy for me to think that something is wrong with me because I don't have those excitement emotions! I wrote in sjbtheology about God calling me to obey... This quote expresses exactly where I am in my spiritual life right now. It's not really that I feel that God isn't there, although there are occasional days like that. It's mostly just that God's presence is a given for me. It's not a thing of wonder most of the time, and I am moving to a place where discipline is demanded of me and is not something I will achieve because every little thing is an exciting discovery. I always wanted to be spiritually mature, and this is really what spiritual maturity is about: disciplining myself to seek God when seeking isn't fun and exciting anymore like it was when I was a little child. This isn't a game. It's a journey for my whole lifetime.


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