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spam woes

Just a quick update... I'm behind as usual and trying to rustle up the motivation to go to my Bible study group despite not feeling well. I need to take advantage of having a ride, and life goes on even when I don't feel well because I don't feel well the majority of the time...

I just finished forwarding all my spam to the spam filter to "train it." I have no idea if this will actually work. In doing so, I discovered that (1) about every other message is spam and (2) they're mostly coming to a particular address. It happens to be an address which I suspect is subscribe to a Yahoo group that might be getting harvested. I don't have time to really troubleshoot the issue right now. The problem is that most of my family and friends use this address to write to me. I've considered just not picking up mail there for a while and migrating to a new email address for personal email. I have my own domain, so I can do this. So what kind of address should I use that I can also give out on a resume without looking too unprofessional? I thought about 3kitties, and maybe I'll break down and do it anyway just because I can. But I'm open to other suggestions... Someday I'll figure out how to do a poll in here... A few ideas I had: songwriter, sjb, sjblake... I could seriously use some creative ideas.


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