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more on the wormhole and Ferengi intersection in TNG and Voyager

Data: According to the Barzan probe, we should be in the Gamma Quadrant. But these readings indicate we're nearly 200 light-years away, in sectar 3556 at the Delta Quadrant.

La Forge: Maybe the Barzan readings were wrong.

Data: Perhaps the readings were correct. The probe could have entered the wormhole at a completely different location.

La Forge: Hmm... Data, my visor's picking up subatomic fluctuations. Maison and lepton activity is definitely increasing.

Data: Gravitational acceleration is also increasing.

La Forge: Something very strange is happening to this wormhole. [Much else goes on.]

La Forge: This is shuttle 9, reporting in ... barely.

Picard: And the Ferengi pod, Commander?

La Forge: Trapped on the other side, sir, in the Delta Quadrant. We tried to warn them. They wouldn't follow us.

Picard: Elaborate.

Data: Captain, this end of the wormhole is currently stable, but the other end apparently shifts positions periodically. The Barzan probe had no way to recognize this. Eventually, both sides will be unstable.

Voyager was lucky to come along a few years later and find the wormhole still stable.


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