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a note about the friends list

Just a couple of quick notes for my readers... I happened to realize that it has been a while since I updated my friends list in my LJ client, and I didn't realize who I had and hadn't added back. So I went back into my profile and sorted through my "friends of" list. I noticed that a couple of people deleted me, which is ok if you just felt like you need to... I just would feel badly if anyone felt that I hadn't added you because I didn't want to. If that's the case and you're still reading, please add me back and I'll take note and likely add you back unles something in your LJ is completely offensive or we have absolutley nothing in common... If you really want on my friends list and I'm not adding you back, please make sure you have a strong bio, especialy if your LJ is friends-only and I can't see your entries. It helps when I'm looking through my list to have something to go on--I occasionally do get an offensive person who wants to bash Christians, which is why I no longer list "Jesus Christ" on my interests page.

Back to regularly scheduled entries... More Star Trek fun to come...

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