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a list of problems

I think that I have a problem--more than one...

  • My nose hurts. If I notice it, that means it HURTS!

  • Doctor's appointment is still nine days away. They have no cancellations.

  • Did I mention that my nose hurts?

  • It's very hot and humid.

  • I suspect that my sound mixer may have been struck by lightning this afternoon.

  • Btw, my nose hurts.

  • School plans are rather stressful this week.

  • My nose hurts.

  • I can't blow my nose properly.

  • My nose hurts.

  • I forgot my therapy appointment today... It is a standing appointment every Tuesday at the same time, and I never forget and have never no-showed without calling to cancel.

  • My nose hurts.

  • I am crying easily.

  • My nose hurts.

  • I am finding it easy to obsess on anything from where I left things to what is undone to watching Star Trek.

  • My nose hurts.

  • I am crabby and restless and can't concentrate.

  • My nose hurts.

  • Yesterday I used the wrong words all day.

  • My nose hurts.

  • I missed Kathy Troccoli at church and didn't mind.

  • My nose hurts.

  • Alexis told me that August 4 is on a Friday, and I practically went into a meltdown. I thought surgery was a week from Monday and my nose would stop hurting.

  • My nose hurts. It will hurt for at least 17 more days, not counting post-surgery pain.

  • I am dreading local anesthesia.

  • I still have no scanner. I have one month and ten days before class starts--one month and ten days to get enrolled, scanner back, get books, and scan.

  • My nose hurts.

At least the new computer is here. I hope Cakewalk gets here tomorrow. At least then I can play while my nose hurts.

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