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nose ponderings

My memory is not making me happy... Behind the cut are notes that are very much TMI and are for me, the nose doctor, and whoever else cares to read. Perhaps tomorrow I will be embarrassed. Tonight I am not. Perhaps it will at least be entertaining.

I have a secret fear: that when I call the nose doctor with a complaint about my snot, trophies, etc, the nurse will call back and ask about the color. I'm sure this is brought on by my recent conversations with Vonage customer service representatives who repeat over and over, "How many lights are showing on the router?" I would have to say, "Uh, I don't know, and no one really wants to examine these things under a microscope." I can't exactly cart one of these things downstairs, open up the tissue, and say, "Here, Mom! What does this thing look like to you?" For one thing, she would freak out and run screaming to the bathroom, puke a few people's guts out, go out and buy me a facemask to protect the world from the projectiles, and then go to the pastor and demand he exorcise those demons out of me! For another, the trophies are now in rebellion (which is, I'm sure, why my nose hurts) and now I would be asking about drippy slimy icky stuff. Mom's reaction to this would be, "Eeewww! Don't get it on me!" And I wouldn't blame her a bit! I did plenty of that 34 years ago!

What I want to know is whether these trophies and drip are normal. Somehow I think not, and what I'd like is a happy medium. The nurse says that's what the turbinate surgery will accomplish. She says, "It'll open you up so you can get that stuff out." Well, what, exactly, is that stuff? Does it have an end? Or do I just produce this stuff every day for some reason? Am I just some kind of trophy factory? I don't understand what's going on at all, and I really need to! It's scaring me!

I'm sure I don't need to go into other related questions this makes me think about. They're usually asked on doctors' forms in the symptom checklists. There are just certain symptoms that are visual in nature, and I'm not about to ask anyone to check for me... Not when I live alone! But those questions are there for a good reason, and they eat at me.


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