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5 books meme

Name the five books that have most influenced your way of thinking. (tagged by kl1964)

Penguins and Golden Calves by Madeleine L'Engle. This book talks about the difference between icons, things that provide us glimpses of God, and idols, and discusses things we have made into idols that would be better used as icons. It's a fascinating read even though I don't agree with every bit of L'Engle's theology.

The Diary of Anne Frank. I read this when I was nine years old. Besides selling me on the value of journaling, it made me think about the meaning of the Holocaust, the identity of the Jewish people, and eventually has led me to think about why that matters to me as a Christian.

Self-Esteem and Adjusting with Blindness by Dean and Naomi Tuttle. This book played a crucial role in my process of working through my feelings about blindness in 1998. I picked it up intending to use it as a reference for a class project I was doing, but it ended up being just as valuable to me personally.

The House of Thirty Cats by Mary Calhoun. I wanted to include at least one fiction book because I think that fiction is much more than just pleasure reading. I happened to choose a children's book because I believe that children's books are often among the best pieces of fiction. People who supposedly write for children often say that they don't write for children at all. They write to teach and to illustrate truth; and the books end up being categorized as children's books because children are natural recipients of these things. But this book is certainly not "for children." I just read it recently--as a 34-year-old adult. I was absolutely gripped, and I could identify as much with the child main character now as I did back then. I also understood the lessons much more clearly. Every adult should read this, whether or not you like cats. It's a book about good and evil, about learning to reach outside oneself and embrace the possible good in others even when doing so is difficult, about when to give up trying to find possible good, about how to grieve losses...

Believing God by Beth Moore. It's hard for me to list this by itself because I studied it along with A Heart Like His,/i> and a book by a former pastof of mine called The Foundation Stones, and the truth is that I would like to list the combination of books in this slot as life-changing. They were so life-changing that I am digesting them extremely slowly... The material actually gets overwhelming for me if I do too much at once. This stuff totally revolutionized the way that I approached my faith!

I tag zeldakitty, lorifran57, gypsymommy, sophiedoph, and aureolesia.


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