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more on tipping

This is an addendum to yesterday's tipping post.

What bugs me most is not the tipping suggestions but the attitude that some people use when delivering them: tipping is not an issue of etiquette but a requirement, and if you can't afford to tip then you shouldn't use the service, aka stay home because you are a loser socially. I'll write a longer post about how this relates to the ACB conventions later. For now, I'll say this. In my daily life, I can do without some things (e.g. dinners at nice restaurants or even non-fast-food restaurants that wouldn't necessarily be considered "nice" but where you're supposed to tip because you're served. I can't do without taxi rides and hair cuts. These things are necessities if I'm ever to get off "the system" and get a job. But if by the time I've done my rent/utilities/meds/food I only have $120 or so left and a hair cut costs $25, that extra $5 is mighty precious, and if it's the beginning of the month I have to think hard about what else I have to do that month. So that lack of tip isn't about unwillingness or rudeness, but often it's about my ability to get myself to the doctor or not--and until someone has the time and energy to teach me the routes from here to there and I can determine that I can get there without incident walking, I'm stuck with the taxi or paratransit. And since paratransit fills up rather quickly, I do have to have taxi money on hand.

It's just very upsetting to be judged and relegated to home because I can't tip when I'm already relegated to home because I can't afford most of the basics of life. The attitude puts me in a frame of mind that I may as well not try to get out and about because there's no way I could meet the etiquette requirements. And the truly rude customers are the ones who sit for hours and make a raucous, order cheap stuff, and leave a cheap tip; not the polite ones who can't afford to tip very much.

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